Why private landlords need an agent more than ever

Why private landlords need an agent more than ever

Throughout the last few years, we have seen many changes within the property market. From a large increase in tenant demand to an increase in the regulatory burden – even the most adept landlords have had their hands full.

Should I work with an agent?

Working with an agent eases the pressure and offers assurance that everything is being done to the highest standard and with the best possible outcome in mind for landlords and tenants alike. It can also provide peace of mind that the most suitable tenant for your property can be found.

How can I find new tenants? 

As a landlord, chances are that finding new tenants is the hardest part of your job.

Filling a tenancy quickly and ensuring that rent is paid is the top priority in the short-term, but long-term, it’s important to find good and appropriate tenants who have been properly vetted that respect and enrich your property. Following best practice when letting a property will lead to a good experience for all parties.

An agency should be fully equipped to ensure that if a tenant moves on from a property, they can quickly find a new tenant looking for a home. A good agency will work to understand the value of your property and present it immaculately to prospective tenants, ensuring void periods are reduced. In some cases, they may even already have the perfect person waiting on standby.

Once a potential tenant is found, a credit and reference check is performed, including Right to Rent (England only) and all contractual arrangements are completed to ensure that they’re a great, long-term fit for your property.

Dealing with tenant-landlord communications

If a tenant is struggling to pay their rent or is slipping into arrears, the agency will act as a mediator (in a potentially fraught situation) to prevent things from escalating and find a resolution that suits all parties. There are several steps and options that can be taken to help both the tenant and the landlord resolve this to the satisfaction of all.

Local knowledge, support and advice

Working with local agents with a managed service means that there will always be somebody who can visit the property to complete inspections and viewings. In this way, you and your tenants will have a trained and qualified expert nearby to ensure that your property is being managed within the law and guidelines at all times.

Conducting repairs safely

Knowing who to contact and dealing with repairs is another reason why working with an agent is highly beneficial to you.

An agency tends to deal with various maintenance requests every day, meaning their staff always ensures they are fully compliant and up to date on current regulations.

Legal disputes

Laws surrounding tenancy agreements are constantly changing. For this reason, property experts are there to help and are able to make sure a tenancy remains compliant.

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