Is it better to rent or buy?

Discover the benefits of not owning a home

In the UK, you may often hear people talk about wanting to stop ‘wasting’ money on rent or paying for someone else’s mortgage, but is owning a home really the be-all and end-all?

We'll explore why renting could actually be a viable alternative to buying and in some cases, even better than buying a property - depending on your situation.


Let's start with the freedom that renting can buy you. You'll be able to upsize, downsize or re-locate at a rate a homebuyer could never achieve. Mortgages can restrict homebuyers from moving regularly, unlike the flexibility renting allows, with some rentals being available on 6-month contracts. Renting is also far simpler than the complex process of buying and selling a property.

Additionally, you get to live in a number of different areas and move more often until you find an area you like best.

Cost savings

The cost-saving associated with maintenance repairs can often be overlooked - but it shouldn't be. Broken washing machine? Contact your landlord. Did the boiler break down? Contact your landlord. Has the kitchen ceiling fallen through? Contact your landlord. Even smaller maintenance jobs like leaks, repairs and general wear and tear all fall under a landlord's responsibility. However, if you owned your own home, you'd have to foot the bill yourself. 

Less commitment

When you buy a property using a mortgage, you're taking on a major long-term financial commitment. It's a huge amount of money to be tied to, and missed repayments could have serious consequences. With renting, you can sleep peacefully at night in the knowledge that you don't have this financial burden. 

When it comes to renting versus buying, it all depends on your personal situation and what's best for you may change over time, but it's clear that renting does provide a plethora of benefits. Not only does it allow you the flexibility to move around and no maintenance costs - it's also a much simpler process than buying your own property. 

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