What to consider when choosing the right lawyer

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With so much to think about when buying and selling your home, you’ll need a property lawyer you can trust and rely on.

Choosing the right property lawyer will mean you’ll get to your goal quicker, and know that all your paperwork is completed correctly and on time. So to help you find a property lawyer who matches your needs and will get the job done, here are our top tips for what to look out for.

Dedicated property law firm

At the early stage, the first choice is a specialist conveyancing firm that will have lawyers that only deal with property law, or alternatively, you could opt for a more traditional law firm that deals with all areas of the law but may not have a specialist property department.

A trusted reputation

A reliable test of how well any lawyer will treat you is how they are reviewed by customers that have already completed. Take some time to research Google Reviews and platforms like Feefo and the ESTAS. Look for customers who have built up a strong rapport with their lawyer, working together to overcome the hurdles that inevitably crop-up when doing the legal work to get customers to completion.

An experienced professional

Think about how long your law firm has been in business. Navigating the intricacies of property law really does require an experienced professional. Having dealt with multiple property transactions in all parts of the country means that they will be able to really represent your interests, foresee any challenges, and know how to apply their experience with third parties to keep your transaction moving.


Times really have moved on since the days of postal applications, contracts, deeds, identification, and everything in between being done manually on paper. Firms that still apply this approach can cause unnecessary delays to your buying or selling process. Look out for a firm that has an online portal where you can quickly complete and exchange documents, get updates on your case whenever you want, and can easily chat with your lawyer.


The costs associated with moving house can soon mount up, so it’s a crucial time to budget responsibly. With conveyancing, cheaper doesn’t always mean better – your initial quote can mount up to a bigger bill as some lawyers charge for additional services and work. Watch out as some charge per correspondence, so each call and letter costs you money. Try to find someone with transparent fixed fees for all elements of your service. Some firms will also offer a guarantee so that if your sale falls through, they will not charge you.

If you’re still looking for a property lawyer, we can help.  We have specialist property lawyers who are passionate about helping our customers. Conveyancing is what we do and every year we are trusted to help thousands of buyers and sellers with the legal side of moving home.

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